Slurry Seal Coating
Why Slurry?…               

Asphalt requires regular care and maintenance to be kept looking like new and
there is nothing worse than a dull and faded parking lot to drag down the value
of your business.

Blacktop is naturally porous; water can seep through the paving which can
result in deterioration and potholes.   Seal coating can seal the pores and cover
the blacktop with a coating that helps protect it from harmful elements.

Unprotected asphalt remains porous, can dry out, become rough and loses its
life more rapidly.               

We thoroughly clean the Asphalt with a High Pressure Air Blower before any seal coat is applied.  This
ensures the surface is completely clean of any dirt or rocks.   Optional
Crack filling, can be done prior to
applying the slurry seal coat to the area, if needed.  We then apply one or two coats of slurry seal,
(depending on your need)  
                               Before                                                                              After
Benefits of Slurry Seal Coating:

By applying a Slurry Seal Coating to your parking lot every 2-3 years, you will save hundreds to thousands of
dollars in costly asphalt repairs, extend the life of your asphalt and restore the appearance of your parking
Ideal Striping Inc. can bring new life and clarity to faded parking lots!!!  
Please keep us in mind for your next Slurry job!

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