Asphalt Repair/Patching
Causes of Asphalt Surface Deterioration:

The most common causes of asphalt deterioration are:
  • Water accumulation
  • Excessive weight on the asphalt
  • Effects of vehicle oil and gasoline
  • Natural elements (Sun and weather)

Over time, water accumulation can cause asphalt to crack and split severely, or
"alligator" as it is commonly referred to in the paving industry. Year after year of
usage, and vehicles with excessive weight can cause the asphalt to sink, and
oil or gas that seep into the asphalt cause further deterioration.
• Potholes
• Depressed areas
• Cracks that look like alligator skin
Asphalt Patching Methods:

When the areas of asphalt deteriorate and need to be repaired, Ideal Striping, Inc. corrects the problem
by using one of two methods:

 Skin Patching is recommended when the underlying base is still in good shape.   This process is done
by cleaning the existing pavement, applying a coat of tack and applying hot-mixed asphalt. The new asphalt
is then mechanically compacted.  Because the "skin patches" are placed on top of existing asphalt, the
finished surface may be slightly higher.  The edges are blended in as much as possible.

    Removal and Replacement, or R&R, is used for more severe deterioration that has affected the
underlying base.  We saw cut the damaged area and completely remove it before any new asphalt is
poured.  New aggregate is then added, if needed, and compacted in preparation for the new asphalt
surface.  Finally, hot-mixed asphalt is placed over this layer and compacted.  Any raveled surfaces are then
smoothed out.   If needed, the area will then be re-striped.  
 Ideal Striping, Inc. also recommends treating
the entire area with a seal coat to restore the original look and to further protect it.
Benefits of Asphalt Patching:

Both Skin Patching and Removal and Replacement are cost effective components in an overall asphalt
maintenance program.  

  • Regular asphalt patching prevents more expensive asphalt repairs in the future
  • Provides a safer parking lot environment-therefore reduces owners liability due to a customer or
    tenant tripping and falling down.

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